Make a «good impression» at first glance

Recent studies show that 95% of buyers who look at a real estate ad spend, on average, less than 20 seconds on the very first picture. Only 75% of them will look at the other characteristics of the ad: the price, the description, the additional photos …

25% of potential buyers will not even bother to check the house price or your apartment if they do not like the first image!

This study also reveals that 50% of the time buyers spend on your ad is spent viewing photos.

“It is interesting to write that your property is unique, but it is essential to show it”

«The first impression is always the right one»

This first impression goes through the photos first.

Professional real estate photos, it's above all:

> Develop the attractiveness of your property
An ad with professional shots is on average 10 times more popular than a classic ad, regardless of price!

> Create emotion
A real estate search is above all a compilation of pragmatic and concrete criteria. The buyer is looking for a number of rooms, a specific surface, a particular type of heating … All this does not leave much room for emotion. Only a photo will trigger the famous “coup de coeur” which, often, will happen once there.

> Saving time
Only photos allow the potential buyer to know if a visit is required. This is a first natural filter that will save you a lot of time and avoid unnecessary visits, often frustrations.

> A money saving
Professional photos leave the potential buyer a first good impression that he will keep throughout the exchanges with the seller. When the ultimate stage of negotiation comes, this emotional element will become very important and will be a decisive element in getting a proposal that is as close as possible to your expectations.

“A surface, volumes or a number of rooms have a price. The buyer’s crush has none! “